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All our products will have one of the delivery options in the product description, however if you wish to change a pallet or parcel delivery so that it is delivered by our specialist team please get in touch. This may mean there will be a longer delivery time or extra cost depending upon the delivery address. Please read the product description before purchasing so that you know what kind of delivery to expect for your specific item.

Check your postcode now: DELIVERY AVAILABILITY

To contact our delivery team:

Parcel delivery:

Some of our products will arrive to you in a parcel. Our product description will let you know if it arrives assembled or part assembled for self assembly.
Expected delivery time is within 1-2 weeks.

Pallet Delivery:

Expected delivery time is currently within 1-2 weeks.

Standard pallet deliveries are Monday – Friday only.

Many of our products will arrive on a pallet, some of them will arrive fully assembled and some part assembled, please see individual product descriptions for details. The delivery driver will usually have to leave the pallet at the front of the house, either on a drive or in a front garden (provided there is adequate access into your grounds, and suitable surfacing for the use of a pump truck) If you do not have either of these, or your access is limited or unsuitable for delivering a pallet by these means it would be advisable to be in when the driver arrives so that you can unload the pallet at the kerbside and move your product somewhere safe. The delivery vehicle that it arrives in will be at least the size of a full size dustbin lorry or bigger, as these large pallets require a tail lift vehicle in order to offload the consignment. So it is important to have a think about any restricted access issues and let us know in advance, as this will help avoid any costly *fees which could be incurred due failed delivery attempts due to inadequate access.

*Any fees incurred from the delivery couriers, through us not being adequately informed will be passed on to the customer.

Delivery with Assembly, from our expert team:

Expected delivery time is within 2-4 weeks.

Some of our larger products will be delivered by our own specialist team of fitters. They will carry your product to your chosen spot and assemble it for you. All we ask is that the area is prepared on arrival as we do not undertake any groundwork required. The ground must be firm and fully levelled before our fitters will undertake to assemble an order. We are unable to assemble structures on ground that is not ready. If our fitters arrive to a pre-agreed delivery appointment and the ground is not sufficiently prepared, and the assembly cannot be undertaken at that visit, we reserve the right to apply a £45 redelivery fee in order to rearrange the delivery at a later date.

Access: **Important

If there may be an issue with limited/restricted access to or around the delivery point we ask that you inform us well before arrival so that we can inform the relevant pallet couriers or our own drivers. Consideration should be given to the size and weight of vehicles required to deliver these large items, and the access / turning space required by them. This helps avoid re-delivery charges when vehicles are not able to reach some addresses due to limited access. Most couriers are able to arrange a smaller vehicle if necessary and if they are informed in advance. If our fitters or couriers arrive to a pre-agreed delivery appointment and the delivery cannot be made due to inaccessibility, we reserve the right to apply a redelivery fee in order to rearrange the delivery in an alternative vehicle.

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