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We are a family business operating in the Staffordshire Moorlands, where we have a small work shop from which we produce high quality wooden furniture of all kinds. We have over 45 years of combined experience in carpentry, which we have merged with engineering precision and a flair for design to create uniquely beautiful, functional and sturdy furniture. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and it’s a job that we enjoy so therefore every effort is put in to ensure an excellent product.

We only source timber from sustainable sources.

We go to the extra effort of having our timber pressure treated, which means that it is protected against the elements for many years. Most garden furniture on the market today is made to last for as little as three or four years, our products will last nearly four times as long, putting less of a strain on this beautiful planet’s natural resources.

All of our products are hand made. They are made from wood which is a natural product, so there may be slight imperfections like cracks or splits in the wood that may occur with changes in the weather, it is due to the wood losing moisture during warm and dry seasons, and exposure to intense sunlight. During colder and wet seasons the wood will take up moisture again which will cause the grain to swell and will reduce these splits or cracks. This is of no detriment to the product. We try our best to get rid of splinters and rough edges but we may not always eliminate all of them.


One thing often overlooked with garden furniture is the quality and the grain of the wood. Many large garden centers sell outdoor furniture at a cost that initially seems very attractive. But it comes with an additional unexpected hidden price, simply put; the better the quality the wood, the longer the furniture will survive the elements. Coincidentally, it is evident that mass produced products do not survive as long as individually handcrafted furniture. By buying mass manufactured furniture, made from inferior quality wood, you are setting your self up to buy the same furniture again and again over the same period of time that a single purchase of our furniture would last.

Here at Churnet Valley Garden Furniture, we use pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood to ensure that you have furniture that will last at least 10 years. The quality of the finish is a combination of many things such as how it feels, how well it takes stain, the texture of the grain, how porous it is, and how strong it is. Pressure Treating the wood is an added expense, it costs more to only use this wood for our furniture, but the improved durability is well worth the extra cost. We want to ensure that our name is associated with quality and more importantly that you get what you pay for.

Apart from quality, we would like to point out the environmental impact this wood has compared to others on the market. Apart from the obvious aspect of the consumer buying the furniture less frequently and therefore having a lower carbon footprint; all our wood comes from sustainable sources. The life longevity of our products also means that less trees are cut down when you buy our products, as you don’t need to replace it as frequently, whereas products with low quality treatments will need replacing more often.

Overall, quality is everything. It is great economically in the long run and even helps the environment. In the end, this planet is the only one we’ve got. And we are very involved in ensuring that we minimise our impact on it. 

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