Want to know how to look after your garden furniture in winter?

Your handmade garden furniture from Churnet Valley Garden Furniture is pressure treated to protect it against rot for upto 25 years!

Rot protection with Tanalith-E preservative is the best protection we can give you, when you purchase your furniture from us.

However, please remember that timber is a natural resource that comes from a living tree which has been cut down and used to make your furniture, therefore it will naturally weather, split, season and change accordingly to the weather conditions it is faced with.

To keep your furniture best protected, there are various aftercare products available and I found this blog which has some great advice.


We have in stock and available Barrettine wood protective treatment that is a clear oil based treatment that helps protect against, mold, mildew, fungi and also gives a waterproof UV protection for your garden products.

Here is some further information https://www.barrettinepro.co.uk/25/266/nourish-and-protect-wood-protective-treatment

What is your experience with timber protection?

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